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Marthe van Geel

Marthe Vangeel is a dancer/model born in Belgium on the 9th of october 1988.

She started dancing when she was 6 by attending jazz classes and found her love for hiphop and passion for dancehall around the age of 16.

Arriving in Holland (Amsterdam) in 2010, Marthe got the opportunity to develop her style by teaching in some of the best dance schools and academies in Holland ( Global Dance Centre, Lucia Marthas, Influence Zone Dance Complex, Hiphop Huis,...).

Dancehall became her way of expressing herself and to share a cultutre that she respects.

Today, she’s teaching international dancehall workshops in several countries such as Belgium, Germany, Italie, French Guyana, Poland,.... where she transmits the love of dancehall!

In 2013 she became a member of ‘US’ crew (France) with dancehall dancers A Ni Mal and Steddy and she won multiple dancehall battles.

Dancing is her first passion and language but she also loves to be a part of the modelling scene. Nike gave her the chance to combine both and make her model in a dancing/ runway show in 2010. 

In 2011,2012 and 2013 she got to model for Asics in Holland and in Barcelona. 

Marthe has been around in the commercial scene of Holland and international while working for several artists (Rohan Marley), TV shows, commercials (Suzuki, covergirl), videoclips (LMFAO and Justin Bieber),...

Marthe keeps on developing herself as a dancer everyday so she can always stay creative and  be able to share her passion with all lovers of DANCE!

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